I recently started collecting  testimonials for my Classes and Reiki Treatments, thank you to all of my students and clients.


Reiki Class Comments:

Level I & II "Fun experience, this was a great way to connect with Reiki"  ~ L.S.  of North Battleford


Level I & II "I really enjoyed this course. With my past energy healing courses I found it really tied in together. You explained everything very clearly and made sure nothing or no one got overwhelmed.  I look forward to using this on myself and others" ~ N.N. of Kerrobert


Level I: "Enjoyed the experience glad to finally have time to take the class, thanks Armina" ~L.H. of Unity

Level II: "Great time again, the Bars helped this time not as much blockage.  I must do the 21 day cleanse. Still searching for my Life Purpose-hope I'm on the right trail!" ~L.H. of Unity


Level I: "I feel revived, relaxed and more intune with myself & those around me. I felt more balanced and can't wait for Level 2" ~ B.G. of Metiskow

Level II: "Amazing, I have a lot of deep pain & hurt at a soul level and of course to know Reiki has been bringing  this to the surface & helping me release this, Thank You" ~B.G. of Metiskow


Level I: " I have done my level one in Reiki it was so much fun, I really want to do more. Aunty Mina made it really easy to understand I am looking forward to doing some more soon. "~C.B. (my nephew), Grand Coulee


Level I: "Thought it was lovely. Armina explained everything really well. I feel like it was really beneficial. Relaxing to" ~ J.J. of Biggar/Wilkie


Level I: "Enlightening, relaxing, I am eager to experience all that the practice of Reiki can do to enhance my life & help me to give the benefit of such to my family: ~ J.C. of Unity

Level II: "I feel that Reiki is definitely something that is good & needed in my life; I am excited to now be enabled to open up those aspects of life that I have been ignoring"~J.C. of Unity


Level I: "A very powerful enlightenment; I enjoyed it, I loved it; took me to a place of oneness with myself, my mind, my body & spirit. Thank you so kindly Armina, Love you"~ S.P. of Sweetgrass

Level II: " I was beautiful & loving; I thank the Creator, the Universe and Our Angels for connecting our spirits together; your such a beautiful glowing angel! May you always be blessed with love & laughter & life!" ~S.P. of Sweetgrass


Level II: "I felt very relaxed, very much at peace and very safe being in Armina's class. Excellent course & opportunity to share energy, love and light." ~ S.M., Kerrobert

Level I & II: "I felt comfortable & relaxed. The attunements were amazing & powerful. A meaningful & educational experience." ~ A Student from Unity

Level I: "Armina is so friendly and awesome teaching. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome unique experience, I love it, thanks again" ~ C.S. of Unity

Level I: "Interesting, I process all new experience so I'll tell you tomorrow, LOL"~ K.D. of Macklin 

Level II: "Was peaceful, fulfilling and really very healing. Joy really. A feeling of joy and completeness" ~ K.D. of Macklin 


 Reiki Treatments:

"I have had Reiki several times with Armina and it always amazes me how good I feel afterwards, although I'm not sure how exactly it all works I can tell you it defiantly does.
Having suffered with a lot of lower back pain after a fall from a horse a trip to Armina always eases & relieves my pain. So to anyone thinking of trying it all I can say is do it! You will feel amazing. Thanks Armina" ~M.B of Regina