Reiki Shares & Bars Gifting and Receiving:

I will be hosting Reiki Shares & Access Bars Gifting & Receiving at Reiki for Your Soul, for all levels of practitioners and anyone interested in experiencing Reiki energy in a group setting. They will be held at Reiki for Your Soul on the designated nights, there is no cost to attend.

In a Reiki Share everyone that wants Reiki will receive it from all the other Reiki Practitioners in 20-30 minutes intervals. With the greater number of Practitioners the concentration of Reiki is much greater, it is an amazing experience and also a great opportunity to practice Reiki on others.

In a Access Bars Gifting & Receiving  everyone gets together and runs a partners Bars and then also gets their Bars run.

There will be an energy share tba held at Reiki for Your Soul in Unity, all practitioners of any type energy healing are welcome as well as anyone wanting to experience the energy. If you would like to come and swap Bars please come at 2pm.

 For more information contact Armina, no charge.