Personal Flower Essences:

Muscle test for your own personal Flower Essence Remedy - exactly what your body ordered $15.00/remedy

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What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are liquid, potentized plant preparations which convey a distinct imprint or etheric pattern of a specific flower. These remarkable remedies expand our understanding of health care, recognizing a relationship between body and soul, and the interweaving of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of wellness.  The remedies are designed to help transform emotions, attitudes or patterns of behavior which hinder our full development or potential. Flower essences can also work directly with your Chakras opening and healing on the energy level of each Chakra.

Flower essences are not substitutes for meditation or other self-awareness practices. They are inner catalysts, that stimulate our ability to respond, or take responsibility for our growth. They can help us deepen our contact with ourselves, to be more in touch with our feelings, underlying attitudes, and our spiritual self, and thus empower us to make real changes in our lives.

The essences leave each individual free to respond according to inner rhythms and needs. This is why the flower essences are so safe, yet at the same time extraordinarily effective. Their action is not bio-chemical, but vibrational. Rather than overwhelming or masking consciousness, essences work gentle with the awareness of the individual. They do not work by modifying our behavior from without, rather they evoke our freedom to make changes from within, by bringing to consciousness core archetypal pictures which are already present within the psyche.