Host a Twisted Tree Jewelry Party 

A home Jewelry Party with a TWIST! Try something different! Host a Twisted Tree Jewelry Party in the comfort of your home!

 All of my Jewelry is personalized and no two items will ever be the same! I would come set up in your home, you invite your friends and family and depending on how much mola your party generates, you get a Hostess Credit (which includes Sessions and Jewelry) and also 50% off items. 

During the party I will be able to customize and do any adjustments your friends and you would like to the creations!

If you would like to open your Party to be also an Online Party, you will be given a special Check~Out Code to give to your guests they can use it upon check out and you will be credited their orders!

Get all of your Holiday Shopping Done in one Party!!

Contact Me to Set Up a Party Date!

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Twisted Tree Hostess Rewards

Total Sales

Free Everything*  Credit

*Includes Sessions and Jewelry

50% off Items

$1000 and Over