Access Consciousness™ Body Processes

What if your Body is more Conscious than you are? How we live, how we age, how we heal,

and when we leave our Body is all a choice. Restore vibrancy and invite choice back into your awareness bringing more ease and joy to

the body. Super Embodiment, if not now, when? Our Body is demanding we take a leap into Infinite

Possibilities. We can transform our aversions to being embodied in this reality, effects of

other dimensionalities on the body, restoration of Joy, builds awareness of you as space

and more.  Our vibrancy and potency is part of our Infinite Being and expressed through our bodies! We

can choose to allow our vibrancy and our potency to contribute to what we really want in all

our relationships. Our sexual relationships can expand with us, becoming more fulfilling and

exciting. The hands on Body Processes and the clearing statements clearly address where we hold

us from being the Space that we are so that we may enjoy the Infinite Being that we BE. A Body That Is More Fun To Live In!

Bodies are Demanding It!

With all the shifting of energies on the Planet the Bodies seem to be complaining more

and more. The fixed points of views, all the conclusions, all the ways we don’t listen to

the messages from our bodies, posturing from other time and space dimensions. Can we

un-create and destroy all of that? YES! 

An Overview of a few of the Body Processes, there is so much more that can be created by the Processes then the description offered each persons body reacts differently we all have different energies and different Points of Views. Create some EASE, JOY and GRATITUDE with your Body! What is Your Body is Asking for it NOW?

Cellular Memory, Unlocking the cells from memory of trauma, scar tissue, this is extremely powerful for animals too.

Molecular Terminal Valence Sloughing System, (MTVSS) tool of choice for undoing almost any way the body is malfunctioning.

Lymphatic Glandular Incongruities & Inconsistencies, Helps with the mucus membrane systems, encourages breakdown and elimination of metabolic waste

Trifold Sequencing Systems of Drug Induced Scenarios, Perfectionism, and Insanity, Can assist to undo decisions, judgments, conclusions and Computations made while under the influence of drugs that the person keeps going back to or reacting from.

Restoration of Structural Integrity & Function, Restores the body’s structural integrity for optimal function

Restoration of Infinite Flexibility, Creates more flexibility as well as flexibility of Beingness

Restoration of Hyperventilation, Increases our capacity for oxygen to all of our Being.

Restoration of the Homeopathic Generation of Bodies, Increases Awareness of how the body can use food to release energy for the body instead of having food be the source of energy.

Source Field for Elimination & Eradication of the Chromatics of Time, Dispelling wrinkles and getting the vibrancy back into the skin is only part of the possibilities with this energy.

Oldings, Undo the effects of aging.

Positional Hepads, For every fixed point of view your take, (Handicapping, Entropy, Paralysis, Atrophy, Destruction) you start to handicap yourself about what can occur. This affects your Body.

Anaphylatic Shock and Quadrate of Laxation, Shock can come from many source, beestings, injury, and intense judgment coming at you. This process will release the lock up in the body around this.

Trifold Sequencing Systems, Powerful for Trauma and shock that was emotionally or physically shocking enough that the person tends to date their life from before or after the incident.

Zero Sum of Trauma, Undoes the effect of cumulative Trauma on the body. Undoes what locks the Trauma in place.

Source Field for the Elimination and Eradication of Hyper-Ostotic Calcification and Rigidification, Stops what creates your body production of too much bone and solidifying your body, the ‘itis’ syndromes.

Antibodies To Consciousness, Addresses all the ways we hold ourselves away from Conscious Embodiment.

Meso-muscular Embodiment and Elimination and Eradication of Human DNARemoving blocks to being more than our DNA

Reciprocating Dimensionalities, This is ran to eliminate points of view from other dimensionalities that affect your body here and now.

Restoration of the Intensity of Space of Embodiment and the Energizing of Joy of Embodiment, This is about creating the Space that you Be to feel the Joy you Be.

Embodiment Of and As Space, Changes your relationship with the density of this reality to experiencing yourself as space.

Restoration of Communion with Earth, Renews our sensing of the Earth.

Molecular Terminal Valence Sloughing System, (MTVSS) tool of choice for undoing almost any way the body is malfunctioning.

Restoration of Generation, Transformation, & Transmigration, This process helps youto become the space and consciousness of Being the 9 Trannies.

Source Field for the Elimination and Eradication of the Chromatics of Sound & Generation of the Acoustical Vibration of Sound, Hearing is not just about the words you are trying to decode.

Restoration of Immortality, Restores our ability to know the wisdoms gained from lifetime to lifetime.Consciousness includes Every thing!

STD’s, This addresses the generation of sexual aversion to the point of creating sexual dis-ease. Running HEPADS.

Restoration of Impregnation, Stirs the juices of creating life forms.

Elimination & Eradication of Auto-Responder Systems of Sex and RelationshipAddresses the energy that rules out listening to what our body really wants in sex and relationship.

Square Root of Minus One, Allows the body to dynamically overcome what are considered to be normal human diseases.

Circuitry, Works on neural, synaptic response systems that are physically oriented in the body that are also located through other dimensions realities.

Restoration of the Generative Energies of Youth, Reclaims the vibrancy to heal and repair quickly

Restoration of Immunocytosis, Restores the immune system for any dis-ease such as cancer.

Restoration of Acoustic Vibration and Deconstruction and Elimination of Transference into Electrical Vibration, Acoustical vibration is the vibrancy of all of life, electrical vibration affects our health.

Source Field for Elimination & Eradication of Toxic Amalgams, Helps to transform toxic amalgams.

Source Field for the Elimination and Eradication of Genetically Impelled DiseasesThis can work with scar tissue, bipolar, dementia, Parkinson’s, schizophrenia etc.

Correcting Vision, As well as the potential for correcting vision it may also clear sinus problems.

The Physical Actualization of the Disease of Sound, Reduces the overwhelm of sound and the affects on the body.

The Physical Actualization of the Disease of Sight, Reduces the over stimulation of all that you see.

Exit Stage Left, This process helps the body remember that life or death is a choice.


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